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Need to Clear!



Agneselle Moto High Waist Shorts Black Size M - $22 Mailed

LB Sophia Shorts Cream, Size M - $22 Mailed

LB Lopez Lace Skirt Yellow Size M - $24 Mailed

TTR La Vie En Embroidery Dress in Yellow Size M - $10 Mailed

BNIB TTR Resort Holiday Bustier Dress in Sea Green - $15 Mailed

LB Capelle Cardi in Dusty Pink XS/S - $24 Mailed

Top from Taiwan. Exactly the same as LB's - $20 Mailed

BN ASOS Sleeveless Belted Longline Suit Blazer UK 12 (Fits UK 8 - 14) - $45 Mailed
Link: http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Sleeveless-Belted-Longline-Suit-Blazer/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1542690

HVV Nautical Stripe Dress - $22 Mailed

Supre Studded Denim Jacket in S (Fits Uk 6 - 10) - $13 Mailed

Catwalkclose Studio Blazer in Eggplant Size M - $24 Mailed

CWC Taffeta Ruffled Detail Dress in Gunmetal - $22 Mailed

in this colour:

 Tracyeinny Ichiro Top in Green - $20 Mailed

BN Jumpsuit from Valleygirl, Australia. Tagged S. Able to fit Uk 6 - 12 - $22 Mailed
PTP: 13" (Stretchable), Length: Around 50"

BN Crochet Beach Dress from Australia UK8 - $22 Mailed

Please email to pluffy_clouds@hotmail.com if you are interested! NO DEADBUYER. PLEASE REPLY MY EMAIL EVEN IF YOU GONNA PASS! I'm pretty much open to trades unless stated but please dont show me your granny's outfits. Meetup available at Novena on weekdays evening.


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